TOP TEN 2018


     2018- mopinion , . 2014 . . , Beremy Jets You Said Strange. : Interpol , Last Dinosaurs . Satellite Stories.

3. Breeders All Nerve
5. Peter Kernel The Size Of The Night
8. Tangled Hair We Do What We Can

V. Piniaev 08.01.2020

: 1975 A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, A Slice Of Life Restless, Actors It Will Come To You, ADULT. This Behavior, Albert Hammond Jr Francis Trouble, Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, Arlie Wait, Autumn Chandelier, Beremy Jets Careless, Big Red Machine Big Red Machine, Big Ups Two Parts Together, Blood Bells A Time For Roses, Boy Pablo Soy Pablo (EP), Buzz Kull New Kind Of Cross, Ceremony East Coast East Coast, Cheese People , Choize Choize, Coffee Breath I'll Lose Interest In This (), Collections Of Colonies Of Bees Hawaii, Committee(s) (Final) Flares, Cool Sounds Cactus Country, Cora El Rapto, Covet Effloresce (), Creux Lies The Hearth, Crushinglove Die For The Drama, Current Joys A Different Age, Curse League Laying By The Fire In Good Company, Czecho No Republic Tabinideru Junbi, Daysleepers Creation, Dead Mantra Saudade Forever, Dead Vibrations Dead Vibrations, Deeper Deeper, Delta Sleep Ghost City, Desert Vows Long Time, No See, Disrts Predturs, Dolphin Hotel Dolphin Hotel, Dreamend Dreamend, Echolust Loomer, Eliza And The Bear Group Therapy, Ella Atlas The Road To Now, Firefriend Yellow Spider, First Of October Ten Hours, Francky Goes To Pointe-A-Pitre Plaisir Coupable, Frog Eyes Violet Psalms, Gesu no Kiwami Otome Sukinaratowanai, Golden Apes Kasbek, Greet Death New Hell, Hellogoodbye S'Only Natural, Hibou Something Familiar, Hippo Campus Bambi, Holygram Modern Cults, Hourglass Slide Infinite, Human Resources Champagne, Idles Joy as an Act of Resistance, Inkwell Moon Bad Day Dream, Interpol Marauder, Invalids Fullfillment, Inventions Curiosity, Jaguwar Ringthing, Just Mustard Wednesday, Juvenilia Obras De Juventud, K?lan Mikla Nott eftir nott, Kodaline Politics of Living, Kooks Let's Go Sunshine, Kramsky Zu viel Licht, La Secte Du Futur Wounded Princes, Last Dinosaurs Yumeno Garden, Laura Carbone Empty Sea, Lauren Lakis Ferocious, Lebanon Hanover Let Them Be Alien, Lie Hounds, Milo Greene Adult Contemporary, Mint Field Pasar De Las Luces, Moaning Lisa Do You Know Enough? (), Monochrome Set Maisieworld, Moon Hooch Cave Sessions, Motorama Many Nights, NONONO Undertones, Nothing Dance On The Blacktop, Oldsoul Coy, Ought Room Inside The World, Pinkshinyultrablast Miserable Miracles, Preoccupations New Material, Rainbow Kitten Surprise How to: Friend, Love, Freefall, Rare Occasions Into the Shallows, Re-Tros Before The Applause, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Hope Downs, Ryu Matsuyama Between Night And Day, Satellite Stories Cut Out The Lights, Say Sue Me Where We Were Together, Seasonal Silent Sacrifice, Smallpools So Social (), Soft Moon Criminal, SRSQ Unreality, Starcontrol Fragments, Suir Ater, Sure Sure Sure Sure, Tahiti 80 The Sunsh!ne Beat Vol. 1, Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving No Tether, Tanukichan Sundays, Therapy? Cleave, Thumpers Life All In (), Tomma Intet ...And The Fallen Universe, Totenwald Dirty Squats & Disco Lights, Trautonist Ember, Tricot Repeat (), Twin Tribes Shadows, United Ghosts Saturn Days, Vacationer Mindset, Violet Cold Sommermorgen, Vundabar Smell Smoke, Vv & The Void The Upper Room, We Were Promised Jetpacks The More I Sleep The Less I Dream, Whispering Sons Image, Wild Nothing Indigo, Wistful Metempsychosis, Worn Spirit I Could Disappear (), You Said Strange Salvation Prayer, Zanias Into the All, , ,

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