TOP TEN 2015


     2011 , . 2015- ̒ . , , , , , . - 80-. revival- retro- . - ( coldwave darkwave) , , .
     -, chillwave, synth pop, nu disco . -2015 : 5 .
     , . The Pop Group And So I Watch You From Afar.

7. My Dead Girlfriend Hades
10. Peter Kernel Thrill Addict

V. Piniaev 29.12.2015

: !!! As If, 17 Years Old And Berlin Wall Aspect, 6Iiii Y/URN (), 800 Beloved Some Kind Of Distortion, 93 Million Miles From The Sun Fall Into Nothing, Adventures Supersonic Home, Agent Side Grinder Alkimia, Albert Hammond Jr Momentary Masters, Alien Boy Never Getting Over It, Algiers Algiers, AM & Shawn Lee Outlines, Amason Sky City, Amazing Picture You, Anasazi Nasty Witch Rock, An Autumn For Crippled Children The Long Goodbye, Anna Kijeva Masa, Annex Despues De Vi, And So I Watch You From Afar Heirs , And There Stand Empires III, Agnes Circle Modern Idea (), A Place To Bury Strangers Transfixiation, A Silent Film A Silent Film, Atlas Genius Inanimate Objects, Au.Ra Jane's Lament, Autobahn Dissemble, Aye Aye Aye Aye, Backhomes Tidalwave, Baio The Names, Ballerina Black Whails (), Basavriuk Nameless Faces (), Bat Nouveau Metamorphoses, Battles La Di Da Di, Beirut No No No, Bicycles for Afghanistan Bicycles for Afghanistan, Big Blood Double Days (I & II), Black Orchestra Disappear Here, Black Ryder The Door Behind the Door, Black Ships Dead Empires, Black Wing ...Is Doomed, Bleak Boys Tensegrity (), Bleib Modern All Is Fair In Love And War, Blind Idiot God Before Ever After, Blind Seagull Mess, Bloom Neon Cityscape (), Blur The Magic Whip, Boys' Club Boys' Club Lives Forever, Brandy Kills Violent But Silent Pain, Breakfast In Fur Flyaway Garden, Bright Falls Bright Falls (), Bright Light Social Hour Space Is Still the Place, British India Nothing Touches Me, Broken Water Wrought, Bronze Radio Return Light Me Up, Brutally Handsome Gentlemen B.H.G. Vs. A Computer, Built To Spill Untethered Moon, Caerulea Untitled (), California X Nights in the Dark, Callisto Secret Youth, Calyer Latent Fears, Carson Wells Tread A Northern Path, Caspian Dust And Disquiet, Cattle Somehow Hear Songs (), Cemetery Wind And Shadows, Ceremony The L-Shaped Man, Chain Of Flowers Chain Of Flowers, Cheatahs Sunne (), Cheatahs Murasaki (), Cheatahs Mythologies, Cherry Coke$ The Cherry Coke$, Cherubs 2 Ynfynyty, Christian Death The Root Of All Evilution, Circa Waves Young Chasers, Circle Pharaoh Overlord, City And Colour If I Should Go Before You, City Of Me Fall (), Clarence Clarity No Now, Cloakroom Further Out, CLONES project PLAY DiRtY, Clouds Collide All Things Shining, Cloudy Sexual Assault Wails, Code Mut, Cold Beat Into The Air, Cold Comfort Issue De Secours (), Cold Showers Matter Of Choice, Colleen Green I Want to Grow Up, Colour Mellow Who We Had Become (), Colourist Will You Wait For Me (), Come With Reverse Composing Serenity, Communions Communions (), Cotillon Cotillon, Courettes Here are the Courettes!, Cristobal And The Sea Sugar Now, Crocodiles Boys, Crochetcatpause Bravery Boys, Cuarteles De Invierno Cuarteles De Invierno, Gypsy & The Cat Hearts A Gun (), Day Ravies Liminal Zones, Dead Souls Chasing The Shadows, Deafcult Deafcult, Debris Slide Araido, Decades/Failures G00DBY3, Deerhunter Fading Frontier, Deficit Budgetaire Sanction (EP), Depth & Current Believe, Desaparecidos Payola, Desperate Journalist Desperate Journalist, Diat Positive Energy , Die Wilde Jagd Die Wilde Jagd, Direct Youth Call Out, Disappearer Disconnected, Disappears Irreal, Disco Volante Around The Fluminense (EP), Dommengang Everybody's Boogie, Double Echo La Danza, Drab Majesty Careless, Drinks Hermits On Holiday, Du Blonde Welcome Back To Milk, Ducktails St. Catherine, Duncan Lloyd Icelander (EP), Echodrone Five, Echo Stains Colors Of Emotion, Editors In Dream, Elizabeth Colour Wheel Elizabeth Colour Wheel (EP), Enjoy Punk Planet, Everything Everything Get To Heaven, Fading Rain Winter Ballads (), Faith No More Sol Invictus, Fake Palms Fake Palms, Fall Sub-Lingual Tablet, Farao Till It's All Forgotten, Farblos ...Und Der Regen Fallt, Feral Trees The Feral Trees, FFS FFS, Fidlar Too, Final Days Society Icebreaker, Flying Saucer Attack Instrumentals, Foals What Went Down, Follakzoid III, Fool's Gold Flying Lessons , Foreign Resort The American Dream, Forevr Demonstration (), Forever Grey Poems About Eternity (EP), Four Year Strong Four Year Strong, Frankie & The Heartstrings Decency, Future Horizons, Future Punx This is Post-Wave , Gang of Four What Happens Next, Garden Haha, Gemidos Necrofilicos Gemidos Necrofilicos, Geometric Vision Virtual Analog Tears, Gesu no Kiwami Otome , GEUXX WP005 (EP), Giant Waves Solidarnosc, Girl Band Holding Hands With Jamie, Girls Names Arms Around A Vision, Givers New Kingdom, Gleemer No Goodbyes (), Gliss Pale Reflections, Gnooms Ngan!, Gold Class It's You, Goodbye Earth Bliss (), Good Morning Finch Gemini, Grave Babies Holographic Violence, Grave Pleasures Dreamcrash, Graves Under Paris Graves Under Paris, Hammuravi Espesura, Harrow Silhouettes, Hanni El Khatib Moonlight, Heaven's Gate Woman At Night, Heavy Birds Drag, Helen The Original Faces, Hey Elbow Every Other, Hills Frid, Hippo Campus South (), Hollow Sunshine Bring Gold, Hospital Uncommon Sense, Human Colonies Calvary, Hunter Hunted Ready For You, HYLA Fever Calls Late (), I Do Not Love. You Regret Everything, I Do Not Love. Letting Go, I Know Leopard Another Life (), Impersonate Or Die Galvanic Skin, Indigo la End Shiawase ga Afuretara, Infinity Girl Harm, Institute Catharsis, Iran Iran Milk Time for Spiders, iris Haunt Me, James Welburn Hold, Jannerwein Eine Hoffnung, Jaunt At The Limit (), Jim O'Rourke Simple Songs, Jungle Giants Speakerzoid, Kagoule Urth, Kana-Boon Time, Kerosene Kerosene (), Kid Astray Home Before The Dark, Killing Joke Pylon, Kimono Beach Party Drinking at Family Reunions, Kimono Lights Imprinting, Kishote Bis Deine Hulle Bricht, Knurd Hamsun Slauerhoff (), Lakobeil Avec Marlene, La Casa al Mare This Astro (EP), La Luz Weirdo Shrine, L'an2000 Strangers (), Last Dinosaurs Wellness , Laura Carbone Sirens, Lazaros El Temblor (), Lebanon Hanover Besides The Abyss, Legendary Shack Shakers The Southern Surrea, Lie Johnny Hero (), Lightning Bolt Fantasy Empire, Ling Tosite Sigure Es Or S (), Litchfield Towers Pointlessness, Little Comets Hope Is Just A State Of Mind, Lock Howl Lost In The Static (), Lode Runner , Longings Longings, Lookouts Spy Rock Road (And Other Stories), Loop Array 1, Lord Snow Winterhold, Lotus Feed Secret Garden, Lou Barlow Brace the Wave, Love In Prague Fallen Angels, Love Of Diagrams Blast, Low Ones and Sixes, Lower I'm A Lazy Son... But I'm The Only Son (), Lust Lust, Lycia A Line That Connects, Male Gaze Gale Maze, Malka The Constant State (), Maps Need Reading Live from the Pit, Marching Church This World Is Not Enough, Marriages Salome, Max Pain and the Groovies Electric Cosmic, Megaphonic Thrift Sun Stare Sound, Megawave Megawave (), Mermort Polygon, Metro Cult Transparent (EP), Modest Mouse Strangers To Ourselves, Monster Magnet Cobras And Fire, Montecristos Born To Rock 'n' Roll, Moth First Second, Motorama Poverty, Mourn Mourn, Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind, Mumrunner Full Blossom (), Murder by Death Big Dark Love, Mutiny On The Bounty Digital Tropics, Nature Trails In Glass, Negative Scanner Negative Scanner, New Highway Hymnal Reverb Room LP, New Navy Lakeside , New Order Music Complete, Ni Les Insurges De Romilly, Nite Fields Depersonalisation, Night Terrors of 1927 Everything's Coming Up Roses, Noir For Rachel Went Missing, Noir For Rachel Cold Emission, No Devotion Permanence, No Joy More Faithful, No-Satsu Battery Still (), Novembre Novembre, Nuage Kaputt (), Of Montreal Aureate Gloom, Omega Vague Reveries, Opus Orange Equilibrium, Ought Sun Coming Down, Panda Bear Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, PCPC Ramsgate, Peace Happy People, Petite Noir La Vie Est Belle / Live Is Beautiful, Pill Pill (EP), Pinkshinyultrablast Everything Else Matters, Poete Maudit Tome I: Anno Inferno, Poison Idea Confuse & Conquer, Pond Man It Feels Like Space Again, Pop Group Citizen Zombie, Practical Theory Practical Theory Project, Presents For Sally Colours & Changes, Prinzhorn Dance School Home Economics (), Protomartyr The Agent Intellect, Public Image Ltd What the World Needs Now... , Quell Quell, Quiet Hour Memories, Ra Scandinavia, Radioprotector Radioprotector (), Red Vienna The Book Of Hours, Reigning Champion Disposer Poems, Reverse Reverse, Rosetta Quintessential Ephemera, Royal Concept Smile (EP), Rule Of Thirds Rule Of Thirds, Sally Dige Hard To Please, Salsa Cinderella Salsa Cinderella (), San Cisco Mowgli's Kids In Love, San Cisco Gracetown, Satellite Stories Vagabonds , Sauna Youth Distractions, Screaming Females Rose Mountain, Schnellertollermeier X, Schweinemaschinen Schweinemaschinen, Secret Post From Train To Station, Sediment Club Psychosymplastic, Self Defense Family Heaven Is Earth, Seremonia Kristalliarkki, Seventeen At This Time Flaming Creatures, Sexwitch Sexwitch, Shell Dreamphone (), She Past Away Narin Yaln?zl?k, She Serpent She Serpent (EP), Shibo A Good Day For Listeners, Shopping Why Choose, Shy Kids Lofty, Sievehead Into The Blue, Sightings Amusers and Puzzlers, Silent Runner Silent Runners, Simon Steensland A Farewell To Brains, Single Lash Single Lash, Sinking Season Awake For The Winter, Siskiyou Nervous, Skinny Noir Young Young Empire (EP), Sleaford Mods Key Markets, Sleeping In Sleeping In (), Smallpools Lovetap!, snarg snarg, Soft Kill Heresy, Soft Moon Deeper, Solid State Disaster My Skin So Thin, Solip Lack, Sonic Mayhem Doomsday (EP), Spectres Dying, Spector Moth Boys Spirits Of Leo Yearning (EP), Splittree Asleep Behind The Wheel, Spook School Try To Be Hopeful, Ssleeping DesiresS Ssleeping DesiresS, Stations Stations (EP), Static Daydream Static Daydream, Static Palm Static Palm, Steve Jaszkowiak & Philip Peters Intravenous Venus, Still Patient? Shape Shifters, Stalking Horse Kowtow, Strangeweather Strangeweather, Suburban Living Suburban Living, Suffering Astrid Back to Dreaming, Suffering Astrid Portrait Of A Young Man As A Transcendentalist, Sunken Seas Glass, Surreal Women Deconstruction (EP), Swan Remember You (), Swervedriver I Wasn't Born to Lose You, Talk in Tongues Alone With a Friend, Tamaryn Cranekiss, Tame Impala Currents, Tanks And Tears Know Yourself (), Teal Flowers Will Lay Upon Me, Telephone Is Dead David Dreams, Then Comes Silence Nyctophilian, The 3 Kings Outcasts, Therapy?-2015 Disquiet , Tigercats Mysteries, Title Fight Hyperview, Titus Andronicus The Most Lamentable Tragedy, Today Junior Ride The Surf, toe Hear You, Toy Gun Preachment Enchanted Place, Trails And Ways Pathology, Transporting Planets Transporting Planets, Trauma Harness Tried My Hardest, Trementina Almost Reach The Sun, Tricot A N D, Tres Cruces Octagrammaton, Two Gallants We Are Undone, Unreal Thought Amateur Comfort, Unwound Empire, Upsilon Acrux Sun Square Dialect, U.S. Girls Half Free, Vaadat Charigim Sinking As A Stone, Vantana Row Vantana Row 2, Velodromo Velodromo (), Venera 4 Eidolon, Venus De Melos NOVO, Vice Versa Rehearsal Jams, Viet Cong Viet Cong , Virgance Hiko Shrine, Vvait Vvait, Wand Golem, Wavves x Cloud Nothings No Life for Me, Wavves V, Wax Idols American Tragic, Weed Running Back, Weird A Long Period Of Blindness, Wen Gone by Day, We're No Heroes WNH Scrapbook, Westkust Last Forever, Widek Journey To The Stars, Whalo Sleepy (), White Cascade Endless, White Water White Water (), Wilco Star Wars, Wildhoney Sleep Through It, Will Wood and the Tapeworms Everything is a Lot, Winter Supreme Blue Dream, Wipe Wipe (), Wire Wire, World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die Harmlessness, Yo La Tengo Stuff Like That There, Young Kato Don't Wait 'Till Tomorrow, Zarkoff Sweet Obsolete, Zebra Tracks Waves, Zerbin ?Darling, Zoom Zoom (), Zu Cortar Todo, zZz Juggernaut, Japanese babY (EP), Kira Lao , Kirov , Le.Go. , Plastika , , PLOHO , Sierpien (), The Pleroma , YY (EP), SMRT, , - (), , , (), , , s/t, , (EP), , , , , , Ti , , , , Ը , , Sophia, (EP), , λ (),

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